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There have already been several applications to stocksy and in the last one, made in June, the team of reviewers rejected my application because what I presented was not unique.

Julia Forsman conveyed to me that something new and unique was needed. Something that the stocksy portfolio did not already have.

So I present and apply with 10 images (only 10 of the hundreds I have captured) taken at sessions and events during the SAN FERMIN fiestas.
The San Fermin festival is known worldwide and considered one of the most popular festivals in the world.
They are in Pamplona, Spain. They last from July 6, day of the chupinazo in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento until July 14 with the «pobre de mi» (poor me).
It is something that you do not have and that you will not find in almost any stock agency a session like this with models and their authorizations.
For me it would be a pride to be able to start my portfolio in stocksy bringing something unique and also freshly shot and edited from my beloved city.
As a complement you will see the second session is a palm tree trimmer. Session that you don’t have anything similar in the portfolio and that I present a few images as a preview.
Thank you very much for your time.


Since my wife gave me a camera for our wedding until today it has been many years, thirteen to be precise.
I started shooting in automatic mode, in JPG at minimum quality so that the photos would weigh very little and to see them on the computer I didn’t need more.
Shooting in RAW? What was that?
Then came the children and between carrying three children and all their things, the camera stayed in a drawer.
Then came the smartphones, from the first Samsung S2 I had with a decent built-in camera and I started to shoot and shoot with the mobile.
The photography bug was still alive, latent but alive.
In 2017 I discovered Image banks and stock photography and there I was sending my mobile captures.
In 2019 I broke my knee while skiing. Cruciate ligament. 3 months in bed without moving and another three without leaving the house, only to go to rehab.
Here was the big leap. I bought a mirrorless and I was learning to handle it in bed, watching tutorials on youtube, asking friends and practicing, a thousand photos to my room, then to the living room and through the window of my house.
End of 2019 I already made my first photo shoot to a model who was not a family member or friend.
Until today in these three years I have learned a lot, each session I learn something new and each new photo makes me a little more passionate.
I can say that I’m hooked, I’m addicted.
Every trip, excursion, vacation and even almost go down the street to buy bread I go with one of my cameras.
Today I can say that even being a hobby, even having to work 45 hours a week, even having a wife and three small children, I produce an average of 400 files per month that I upload to the agencies.
If you have come this far and I tell you all this, it is because I want you to know who I am, why I apply to your agency and why I am going to be a contributor. Today or tomorrow it’s up to you, but I want to be part of the best team and I think I can prove it.
Here is a selection of my sessions done in the last three years: Family, business, office, travel …
I hope we can be in touch, A hug, Sergio